Here are some random quotes by my friend Logan.

  1. "It WAS French..."
  2. "Where else are you going to find an organ?"
  3. "Okay guys. I guess we should get it up now."
  4. "One time, I had a girlfriend, and her dad committed suicide."
  5. "Your not supposed to snort WHAT stuff?"
  6. "HAHAHA!!! Wait, what?"
  7. "They did a great job making pairs of three."
  8. "Are you a brother to the Prince?"
  9. "I can't breathe! The door is open!"
  10. "People think technology is the future. They're wrong."
  11. "I'm like... this doesn't feel like me."
  12. "He was like a duckman."
  13. "The time has come. We must fight to the death."
  14. "Hey stud."
  15. "You sexy beast."
  16. "We could make a movie and sell it on the internet."
  17. "I think he's having an emotional breakdown."
  18. "You can sleep in my bed."
  19. "I lived in Cuba one time."
  20. "I want to be a fairy princess for Halloween."
  21. "If I had a dollar for every time I took off my clothes, I would have a hundred dollars."
  22. "My imaginary girlfriend cheats on me."
  23. "Get off my house."
  24. "The trees above us sing the songs of kings."
  25. "We must take our leave at once!"
  26. "How do you spell Cabin?"
  27. "Have you ever been in a house with no gravity?"
  28. "Can my imaginary friend do it?"
  29. "When did I... Oh ya, that's right."
  30. "5000 men march this day. Only 5 will return."
  31. "The land of Britain is upon us."
  32. "That was the sexiest fire I have ever seen."
  33. "Guys, I have a confession to make..."
  34. "A rock can tell you things you have never heard before."
  35. "Look at my Russian escape coat."
  36. "Come, my children."
  37. "The road to royalty is not an easy one."
  38. "Rain is God sending us pineapple seeds."
  39. "It made me happy."
  40. Then it wouldn't look like a dictatorship."
  41. "It is a long journey to night."
  42. "I'm not a hippie."
  43. "They do have flower power."
  44. "My Grandma gave me that cow."
  45. "Do they have pennies in Utah?"
  46. "Only 48 more 10 minutes to go."
  47. "We should name her Bertha."
  48. "Do you want to sail a clipper ship with me?"
  49. "If I was president, I would never play golf."
  50. "Utonians like to play golf."
  51. "Can you use them in your car?"
  52. "I feel smart."
  53. "I'm in love with Bertha."
  54. "Where do you keep the guns?"
  55. "I am the morning and evening star."
  56. "I feel a Buddha moment coming on."
  57. "Martin Luther King had a dream."
  58. "Have you ever hi-jacked a train?"
  59. "You're making my face red."
  60. "I'm a figment of your imagination."
  61. "Let's adopt a cow."
  62. "I love little kids when they sing."
  63. "One time, I got a sweater stuck to my braces."
  64. "Want to ride your bicycle with me?"
  65. "It IS pleasureful to ride."
  66. "You should speak American."
  67. "Something funny."
  68. "I didn't have any Australian Delights."
  69. "I made a model of my death chamber."
  70. "I cremated my dog."
  71. "Your floor is very interesting."
  72. "Do you listen to Oprah?"
  73. "Oprah inherited my good looks."
  74. "Because the Hawaiian will not starve."
  75. "I'm also a spy."
  76. "My mom had a pet antelope once."
  77. "Is it hard to usher a drunk?"
  78. "I'm actually bad at compliments."
  79. "Where do you grow coffee?"
  80. "I have to rent a helicopter so I'm not late."
  81. "So many nights have passed."
  82. "May the sun shine warm upon your face."
  83. "But I do love nowhere."
  84. "The common people love me."
  85. "One must follow one's heart."
  86. "If people stopped committing suicide, I'd be set."
  87. "It's for special guys... Wait, no.
  88. "Let's all sleep on your porch."
  89. "I used to have a pet raccoon."
  90. "It made sense when I said it."
  91. "Do you want to sleep by the waterfall?"
  92. "It's kind of like my farm."
  93. "Can they jump up the waterfall?"
  94. "Come out of the closet singing happy birthday."
  95. "This may be a little disappointing..."
  96. "Looks like you're the lucky one."
  97. "Not the car Bertha, your wife Bertha."
  98. "I want you to look at a star."